Corporate Services

  • Copies of Documents from Corporate Registry (Pre-Cores)
  • Certificate of Status
  • Alberta Corporate/Business Name NUANS Report
  • Level 1 Corporate services
  • Level 2 Corporate services
  • Level 3 Corporate services


Level 1 Corporate Services

  • Annual Return
  • Annual Return with Changes
  • Trade Name Declaration/Partnership Declaration
  • Notice of Address/Notice of Change of Address
  • Notice of Attorney/Change of Attorney or Alternate Attorney
  • Notice of Change of Address of Attorney
  • Notice of Change of Head Office
  • Notice of Director/Notice of Change of Director
  • Dissolve Trade Name/Partnership
  • Amend Partnership Registration

Level 2 Corporate Services

  • Extra Provincial Registration
  • Incorporation (Basic Numbered and Name)
  • Incorporation Package with Minute Book, Inserts, Bylaws, Notices, Share Certificates, etc. with Corporate Seal
  • Articles of Amendment
  • Articles of Revival –
  • Articles of Continuance
  • Continuance to Another Jurisdiction
  • Cancellation of Extra Provincial Registration
  • Extra Provincial Reinstatement
  • Record Amendments to Charter Documents of Extra Provincial Registration
  • Record filing of final receiver statement
  • Register Appointment of Receiver
  • Register the Bankruptcy of the Corporation
  • Revocation of Voluntary Cancellation of Extra Provincial Registration
  • Intent to Dissolve
  • Articles of Dissolution
  • Limited Partnership Dissolution
  • Limited Partnership Registration
  • Restated Articles of Incorporation
  • Revoke Intent to Dissolve

Level 3 Corporate Services

  • Articles of Amendment
  • Articles of Revival
  • Amalgamation (For Incorporation or Extra Provincial Registration)
  • Re-organizations & Arrangements

Corporate Products

  • Desk Seal
  • Rubber Stamp
  • Minute Book
  • Minute Book Inserts
  • Minute Book with Inserts (Bylaws, Notices, Share Certificates, etc.)

We believe that service is the key to obtaining and retaining our clients, so we go the extra mile to educate and counsel our clients on their individual needs. Our goal is to learn about our customers and grow with them.


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Corporate Accounts

Benefits of having an account with us:

  • Reduced rates for all services we provide
  • Immediate search results returned
  • We will accept service requests via fax, email, mail, telephone and in person
  • We will call and follow up with you if information provided is unclear or not accurate
  • Monthly billing statement, due on the 15th of each month following the statement
  • We retain documentation of services for one year and all documentation is shredded after to maintain security of sensitive information
  • We provide professional assistance with any problems or concerns of any nature, and if we cannot help, we provide names and numbers of those that can

For further information please e-mail us.